The highlands of Santa Cruz offers a total different scenery to the one of the much drier costal lowlands, including Puerto Ayora. The climate is generally cloudy and rainy, creating more fertile soil and green vegetation.

Los Gemelos – spanish for “the twins” – They are two volcanic depressions on the highest part of the island. The surrounding¬†area boasts of beautiful scalassia forest with trees covered with epiphytes. Definitely worth a visit.

Another very interesting site is the lava tunnels. As lava flows down-slope, the top often cools and forms an insulating crust that keeps the interior lava hot and running. As the eruption subsides, the molten lava drains out of the end, leaving a hollow chamber that can be many kilometers in length. These tunnels have smooth sides with grooves that show different levels of lava. They can be found numerous places in the Santa Cruz highlands.